14 Nov

Let me forewarn you by saying that as I try to take an objective approach at this project I find myself, in height of the political and social environment, a wee bit on the lefty feminist side. Add in a family of roller derby girls (and boys) who are just as if not way more lefty feminist than I am and you get a thread of pro-Obama, pro-choice, pro-equality, pro-gay rights including marriage articles flooding my Facebook feed.

I would like to examine my place in our society’s hierarchy to better capture where my personal standpoint may be in presenting the following information and examples on Harding and Wood’s Standpoint Theory. I am a college-aged, white female of the lower middle class. I am single and live alone. I have a full-time non-profit job and a 15 credit hour school load. I am not a political leader, community leader, wealthy or born to any family which is. I don’t feel as if my gender nor my race inhibits me but that is my personal perspective. My mother and father were divorced when I was about three years old and my father quickly remarried. My mother remarried when I was 14 but was diagnosed with lung cancer a year later and died shortly after my 16th birthday. I then went to live with my oldest brother, an Army soldier, and his wife (of American Indiana and Pilipino heritage) and their two little girls. My family as I know it has been a culturally mixed one and close knit. From these experiences I frame the world and issues around me. This is my standpoint.


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