A Culutre War?

15 Nov

Lindy West authored an online article entitled I’m not Interested in Finding a Truce in the Culture War. I’m Interested in Winning it. In this article West rejects the notion that there should be a discussion on issues such as women’s health and gay rights. West picks apart another author’s piece of work that was published in Scientific American recently. Her style of writing is not scholarly in the sense that she uses profanities and she writes the way one would talk in a bar to friends after a couple of Jack and Cokes. West is a writer for an online news website called Jezebel that focuses on women’s interests and covers pop-culture, politics, healthy, and fashion. West is coming from a liberal women’s perspective in her article.  Below is an excerpt from I’m not Interested in Finding a Truce in the Culture War. I’m Interested in Winning it.

“I believe in right and wrong—just not the opportunistic, politically-driven kind that’s been dredged up out of some old fantasy book and used to subjugate whomever it’s most profitable to subjugate that season. I believe in the kind of right and wrong where you can see people actually get hurt. Where you see people’s rights negated and lives torn up. Where a clump of cells is worth more than a human being, and one abusive garbage straight parent is worth more than two loving, stable gay parents. That’s real. The other shit is not. Fucking up my life is not covered by your ‘religious freedom.’”

Sandra Harding and Julia Wood’s Standpoint Theory can be applied while reading Lindy West’s article. If Lindy West is of the marginalized group than her view of these issues, per the theory, should be less false in their interpretations. The excerpt above describes the type of people who hold power on major national issues. West describes those who have been of power, conservative Christians, as being the evils of our society and she refuses to debate any further. No longer does West believe that the tension growing between the power and the powerless in our country can be settled peacefully by a truce. Oh no, she believes it’s a war to be won.

“If the ‘culture war’ were an actual war, it wouldn’t be one of those sad, ambiguous wars where you’re not sure which side is the ‘good guys’—it would be the fucking war at the end of Lord of the Rings.”

How does this help change our society in a positive way? How does using the Standpoint Theory help analyze the information presented? By taking in the account of a person of the marginalized minority, in theory, a clearer picture of our cultural reality should be seen. From this clearer image we should be able to analyze the faults and supply solutions in which those who are left without power and equal rights, gain them.

Read the full article here: http://www.autostraddle.com/im-not-interested-in-finding-a-truce-in-the-culture-war-im-interested-in-winning-it-147532/


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